Maximize Attention
Most advertising is used to spike awareness, not build trust. But trust is where the money is at.

The Theory of Trust

People don't buy things unless they trust it will be a good decision. Ads don't build trust, they send offers. Find out how to do both.

THINK ABOUT WHY you pay for ads.

Advertising serves two main purposes:

  • Gain attention
  • and pay for overhead.

The companies selling the advertising, they calculate a dollar amount that matched the perceived value of the people they are providing access to.

Attractive Path of Tension

The tension attracts us and scares us at the same time. Excitement and fear are climatic feelings and enducing those feelings allow you to gain attention when it's most needed.

Ignoring the Writings

History repeats itself because people do very little to change it. We know the outcome, but we still go through with it anyway. The outcome is predictable and predictability becomes comfortable.

Perception & Intuition

We ignore messages of what we don't want to be influenced by. In advertising, this happens at the exact rate it should. When you abuse attention, you lose progression.

The Obvious
The answers to really important questions are often overlooked in advertising because of the desired results typically don't have a direct path.

Unanswered Questions

Digital advertising has answers to the questions you really need to answers to.

Is Trust Important

Buying decisions are based on trust. Internal trust and external trust are linked to buying behavoirs.

Results |or| ROi+

Advertising isn't difficult. It's very easy to pay a platform to send out a message. Which means if you want results, pay the fee. If you want great results, pay attention.
What's really happening?

Inside Look

You need to know enough about what you're spending money on before you make a decision that can hurt your business.

What Advice?

Everything sounds great in theory. Until the facts roll out. The talking eventual needs to lead to results otherwise it means nothing.
Real cost factors.


There is often a separation between short term and long term decisions. Short term shouldn't decisions hold a different agenda.
Getting Traffic is Easy
Get ROi+ Advertising
Getting attention is simple. What keeps you advertising is when it goes away.